Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reckless George

The News and Observer in Raleigh published this letter, which I will reproduce here.

- - - - - - -

George Will demonstrated reckless disregard for the whole truth in his two recent diatribes against the science of global warming (Feb. 16 and Feb. 28). His tactics border on dishonesty, choosing which facts to report and which facts to omit to best make his case.

The Arctic Climate Research Center makes clear in the statement Will cites that although global sea ice area has recently increased, Northern Hemisphere sea ice area has continued to decrease. Will may hope that few of us will actually go and read this statement, for once you do you realize that climate scientists predicted that sea ice area in the Southern Hemisphere is expected to increase before it decreases due to global warming, offsetting the expected (and observed!) sea ice area decreases in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is exactly what is happening, providing further confirmation that the climate scientists' predictions about global warming are not only scary, but accurate.

Denis DuBay

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